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Lexie Pan

Publish: 2019-02-01 19:57:25


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Hi everyone, I’m Yuan Pan, however, my English name is Lexie! Please feel free to use either. I am here because I love teaching and I would like to take students on to teach them Chinese language (reading/writing Chinese characters(Hanzi), and oral communication skills (practicing tones). In China we have a test for students to test their Mandarin skills and they are ranked in levels 1-3 (Level 1 being the highest). I am Level 1/B with a grade of 92.5. After graduating from Ningxia University with my Bachelors degree, I chose to work as a Progress Advisor (bilingual staff/parent liaison) full-time in an English Training school alongside a foreign teacher. In this role I engage in language exchange everyday. It was during this time that I discovered I sincerely enjoy teaching Chinese and not only the language but the history behind it! My foreign students have enjoyed the low-pressure/ no judgment environment of my chinese classes ,their proficiency has gone from zero Chinese knowledge to being able to engage in daily listening/speaking in conversations (HSK1-3 levels).
During my Junior year at University, I chose to go to the U.S. for a one year internship. Throughout the year, I was able to significantly improve my spoken English due to the fact that I was fully immersed in the English language (music, tv, books, menus, etc) and American culture. I communicated with Americans everyday to improve my spoken English, even if I sometimes struggled. This experience inspired me a lot; I believe if you want to improve your spoken ability in any language,  the best way is to chat with native speakers, and to observe how they converse with each other as well as how they express themselves. It is important to take what you learn and practice everyday, So after I returned to China from the U.S, I said that I would practice the things that I’ve  learned everyday. I got a part time job teaching 2 kids Chinese as their tutor. I also teach my foreigner colleagues Chinese to help them adjust to daily life in China. Through my classes their Chinese has improved greatly in a short amount of time.

Class time: 50 minutes

Pre-Consultation: During our first encounter, I will use this time to assess your level of Chinese proficiency (i.e. recognition of/ability to use different tones, chinese characters, and your ability to construct grammatically correct sentences in Chinese).
After this I will determine if we should proceed on a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level of coursework.

Beginners: We will focus on Pinyin which is the building block of the Chinese language, similar to Phonics in English. We will also focus on basic vocabulary and perfecting your pronunciation.

Intermediate: This level, I will introduce more vocabulary and basic sentences. Will still use Pinyin as the foundation, we will work to add more phrases/expressive language in our conversations. We will also engage in small talk to practice in real time.

Advanced: In this level, we will work on more difficult material. I will introduce more cultural components such as Chinese literature/poetry. We will also discuss Chinese idiomatic phrases that will allow you to chat with Chinese native speakers with ease. This will be specifically catered to the needs of students at this level as we will work together to construct your ideal experience.
If you are looking for a native Chinese speaker with no local accent to help you practice or improve your oral or written Chinese skills, please do not hesitate to contact me!
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