You need only one App to learn Chinese-Pandarow


Publish: 2019-01-18 10:29:31


Hello Guys,
I'd like to recommed a Chinese learning app--Pandarow, which is very popular among Americans recently.
Pandarow provides a free online one-station Chinese learning platform. Learn courses, ask questions to locals, practice reading, writing and listening, make a study plan and get the best learning results.

ASK PANDA: learners could ask questions about any problems they met in the learning process and they will get responses from Chinese locals in less than 12 hours. Most of the problems would be solved with the help from locals.
Pandarow Dictionary: Pandarow dictionary is unique because example sentences, pictures and audios are originally contributed by native speakers. Abundant content about Chinese modern and traditional culture are also popular among Pandarow users.  Pandarow also offers free online courses under four levels categorized from easy to hard.
Pandarow Vocabulary Handbook: Learners can make their own study schedule in the beginning and Pandarow will remind learners at a time. Learning how to write and pronounce Chinese characters with dynamic strokes and voice recording from native speakers is another widely acclaimed feature in Pandarow.
Course: Pandarow offers 4-level free courses from easy to hard suitable for most of self-oriented Chinese leaners.
Check it  out here:
and download Pandarow App.
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