A Good Start: Chinese Pinyin 1


Publish: 2017-04-14 15:37:09


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Course TitleA Good Start: Chinese Pinyin 1

Time:2017-4-12  20:00-21:00
DescriptionThis is a kind of serial courses introducing Chinese Pinyin. It suits for all the students who want to learn Chinese, especially the students in zero basis. After learning it, you can read every Chinese characters with the help of Pinyin.
This course consists of 6 lessons. In this lesson, the teacher will introduce the composition of Chinese syllables. Let you know what are initials, finals and tones and get to know some of them. Also, the teacher will teach you a simple Chinese expression which can be used in our daily life at the end of each lesson.
This is one of the most basic lesson. The course will become smooth after understanding this lesson. So don’t miss it.

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