Chinese Martial Arts Novel Is to Be Published in English


Publish: 2017-12-13 10:55:22


  A novel written by famous martial arts novelist Jin Yong, which is called Chinese version Game of Thrones and Chinese version The Lord of the Rings, is to be translated and published in English.

martial arts: 武术 [wǔ shù]
martial arts novel: 武侠小说 [wǔ xiá xiǎo shuō]

  The English translation of Legends of the Condor Heroes is to be published in 2018 in four volumes, and the first volume, named A Hero Born, will be published by the British Press in February.

Legends of the Condor Heroes: 射雕英雄传[shè diāo yīng xióng zhuàn]
A Hero Born: 英雄的诞生 [yīng xióng de dàn shēng]

  Chinese martial arts fiction fans are interested in how the movements in wu shu will be translated. Well, it is said that the most famous movements in the novel 降龙十八掌 is translated into "The 18 palm attacks to defeat dragons".

  And the first time when the actor Guo Jing and Actress Huang Rong has met is translated as following:
—“I didn’t ask you your name,” he said and smiled. “Yes, we forgot. My family name is Guo, my given name Jing, meaning Serenity. And you?”
“My family name is Huang, my given name Rong, meaning Lotus.”

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